Corporate History

Corporate History

Established in 2009, PT Mega Alpenindo is a textile trading company specialized in eco-friendly products. We provide supplies and demands for fibers and fabrics, fabric development and consultation services opens to global textile and fashion industry. PT Mega Alpenindo is an Indonesian-based company founded by Mr Ating Lumanta. More than 30 years experience in textile and fashion industry, he addresses the needs of wide variety and high quality materials in ever-changing fashion industry. To promote sustainability, products are developed with sophisticated techniques and processed in eco-friendly environmental.

In its operation, PT Mega Alpenindo is supported by both local and foreign experts and capable quality control staff working under management of ISO. Our product development support team and design team work hand in hand to continuously provide new and distinct products for business players as well as individual customers.

We established strong relationship with several well-equipped and well-managed factories in delivering our service. Most product are developed locally in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission
  • Develop Indonesian textile industry to be a leader in international market of fashion and textile technology.
  • Continously operates in eco-friendly environment to reduce environment pollution from textile manufacturing.
  • Continuously provide supplies in new innovations and technology to fulfill demands of fabric materials for all aspects of living.
Management Principle
  • We value integrity and trustworthy in professional relationship with supplier, customers, clients, and all other party.
  • We continuously create sustainable and strong mutual partnerships which strengthen everyone’s position in our competitive industry.
  • “We gain when our partners gain.”