Organic & Eco Friendly Textile

Organic & Eco Friendly Textile

Textile industry is one of the most ecologically damaging industries in the world. Petroleum-based products release dangerous emissions that wreak havoc on our environment, and bleaching and dying create toxins that pollute our air and waterways. The growing trend of eco-friendly fabric, however, reduces the carbon footprint of both the textile industry and the consumer.

Global awareness of the real price of clothing is growing and there are increasing numbers of cases of people experiencing health problems such as rashes, allergies, respiratory and concentration problems due to chemical sensitivities. Many have found organic clothing to be helpful in reducing exposure to the vast amount of toxic chemicals we are unknowingly exposed to on a daily basis.

Answering these issues , fashion and textile industry has plenty of hypes about organic textiles and their sustainability these days. Fabric mills invest more in their waste dump system taking care of their gas and chemical emission , fashion labels and designers begins to use organic and eco-friendly materials in their production , garment manufacturer supports fair trade textile and many more . 

Mega Alpenindo as a trading company, try to be the bridge between these chain . Supplying and channeling both sides with organic and eco friendly market demands. Because sustainable fashion also means you have been given the information of where the clothing comes from, who makes it and what it’s processed with to ensure the item is worthy of the eco-friendly message it’s sporting.

We have various selections of organic and ecofriendly materials , especially for TENCEL®  and TENCEL® blend fabric. We carry complete selection of woven and knit items for formal shirting , casuals wears , comfort wears , pants and denims.

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