TENCEL® Fabric

TENCEL® Fabric

There are a variety of materials considered environmentally friendly for a variety of reasons. TENCEL® is one of those sustainable fabric that has many functional properties , can be use in many applications and has an economic value compare to other organic and eco-friendly material.

We have been developing TENCEL® since day one , and carrying a wide range fabric collection of  TENCEL® and  TENCEL® blend for you and your business.





What is TENCEL® ?

TENCEL® fabric is an amazing eco-friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textile.

Tencel Milestone


A major break-through was made with the development of the unique nanofibril structure of this fiber . Made from wood pulp cellulose, TENCEL® offers a unique combination of the most desirable properties of man made and natural fibers : soft as silk , strong as polyester , cool as linen, warm as wool and absorbent as cotton .

TENCEL® is a natural, man made fibre which also have a generic name Lyocell . It is extracted from wood and is 100% bio-degradable. The wood used is taken from tree farms which practice sustainability and this is guaranteed by the PEFC quality seal and the international FDS and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).


What makes TENCEL® an eco friendly textiles ?

Lyocell as the generic names of  TENCEL® came from Eucalyptus tree that grown with minimum treatments and no pesticedes. Eucalyptus tree makes the use of photosynthesis which we all know been an important mechanism in nature and the basis for life on earth.

And it is grown in the forest plantations which are not suitable for agriculture, in contrast to cotton that uses productive agricultural land meaning competing with food production . Therefore production of TENCEL® does not requires high energy consumption which is our current global problem.





Wood pulp being dissolved in a non toxic organic recovered and reused solvent , thus using an extrusion method through tiny holes comes Lyocell fibers.

This method is referred to as a closed loop process, meaning in the case of TENCEL® Lyocell, more than 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused, all of this leading to less land and water usage. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Above all, for the garment industry TENCEL® has a reputation for being extremely eco friendly and environmentally sustainable.


Why Tencel® is better than other ecofriendly / organic textile ?

TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton , softer than silk , and cooler than linen.

  • TENCEL® fiber are on high absorbency so the fabric can be dyed to high quality standard and looks colour rich .
  • TENCEL® fiber is fibrilized , so the fabric has natural breathability and 50% moisture absorption than cotton.
  • Due to its moisture management , TENCEL® is also anti bacterial .
  • Its ability to keep the skin dry , makes TENCEL® a great fabric for sensitive skins.
  • TENCEL® has both wet and dry strength that is better than conventional rayon so it has more resistant to wrinkle.
  • It is fully biodegradable , unlike recycled polyester that can only be reused and recycled.

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